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I wish to contact you on the ICQ Network

"Join Us!  It is free!!"

I have tried to contact you on the ICQ network but was unable to find you.
Therefore I would like to present you with  this html link , which will enable you to download
the ICQ program. Once you do it ,we will be able to communicate on-line.

If you have Windows 95, Windows NT 4, Windows 3.x, MAC or Java Enabled Machine:

Click here to download ICQ


Once it is installed you will be able to find  me easily and communicate with me. 
Please note: my ICQ # is 9416179. 

My Personal ICQ World Wider Pager address is:

Seek you @ ICQ
Jim Stallings
ICQ #: 9416179

PAGING WORLD WIDE: Until you install the ICQ program you can still page
Jim Stallings through the WWW by the ICQ World Wide Pager. 
You can page me via my personal ICQ web-page which includes my own web pager 
transmitter . Its address is :


This message will reach me , and pop up on my screen, if I am online - immediately;
if I am offline - as soon as I log on to the Internet, wherever I may be.

DOWNLOADING: If you wish to download ICQ for  Windows 95, Windows NT, Windows 3.x, Mac or
Java versions  or for more information regarding ICQ, see Mirabilis' homepage at http://www.mirabilis.com