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Re: Project DELTA

Hi Bob,
What high school did you claim as home? I started Delta. The successes as I
know them range from High School graduates to PhD's in Computer Science,
Physics & Math. I was hired from a school district into the University
(Computing Center) to develop a combined NSF & DSAA (Delaware School Auxiliary
Association, ie., Mr. Chick Laird of DuPont family fame) project for computers
in Education in 1967.  I succeeded in getting the whole thing working with the
Comp Center, Computer Science Dept & Electrical Engineering Depts. DEC loved &
hated us because we kept pushing them to "make the systems work". We were a
show place for computer research in Education. We designed a system for the
state as well as other states.  I delivered papers all over the country  We
(the "kids" & I) went all over the East coast to help other schools & colleges
install our system & software.  Then about 1975 the project ended & the Delta
computer & I were moved from Engineering to Education.  In my view Delta
ceased to exist & I left the U of D.  It was those early years that were
GREAT! My "kids" were men & women, not "teenys".  They could take on any
professional & be one of them. If you are in the "Boston" area I can recommend
2 names of my "kids" who are up there.  I go back to DEC & the mill days.  Can
tell you much more but I am not sure you want to hear it.