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Re: Project DELTA

Another idea.  I learned that you had already contacted Dan Grim, do I know
that you have Claark Baker's e-mail address.  I believe that Claark's father,
Marshall Baker, has written a "story of Delta" but I have never seen it.
Perhaps if you could read that, it might be helpful.  Of course, I can't vouch
for its truth or completeness because after all, it has "fact" according to
Clark's view and not a mixture of everything that was known.
Incidentally, an acquaintance recently stopped me to chat & tell me that I had
saved her son in high school from a lost life.  He had become involved in the
school aspect of Delta & decided to become "a computer person". After
completing 1 degree, he went on to another, and another.  Although he uses
computers significantly, he is not a "computer person" but he is happy as a
clam in his chosen career. So there are undoubtedly many other Delta products
who found their niche in the world. Teresa