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Re: Project DELTA

  Yes, 'tis I.  I only opened this Juno account last week, do you do name
searches weekly?  
  I'm living in Utah,  I work for CCI Telephone Co., Inc.  Installing,
programming, servicing, & etc. business telephone systems, voicemail
systems, data networks, & etc.  Not particularly spectacular but fun & I
don't usually have to work more than 45-50 hours a week (unlike
programmers & network engineers).
  Anyway, I'm married, have 5 kids (22,18,17,15,12) and a grandson (2.5).
  I don't recall still having any 'memorabillia' from the Delta project. 
I had some mag tapes up until my move back to the U.S. in 1993.  I did
speak to Rich Thompson a couple of years ago & then lost track of him. 
At the time he was living here in Salt Lake City and working for Evans &
Southerland (computer graphics hardware/software).  Unfortunately I've
got to go now,  write soon.  Ffollowing is my contact information:

  Snail mail:
  Chris Brown
  [address deleted]
  Sandy, UT 84070
  email: Chris.Brown1@juno.com
  email alternate but not neccessarily checked:
  home: (801)[deleted]

  The following email address is obsolete: chris_brown@email.state.ut.us
  as well as the variation: chris_brown@state.ut.us
  The following addresses you used are not mine:

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