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Re: RE: Project Delta

Interesing story, Bob!
     What are you doing in computers, now?  We're still in the same home near
the Dupont CC that we were in when Clark and Ed joined Delta.  In fact, the
first meeting of HS contact students was held in our living room.
     C&E had access to a terminal in upstate NY and were very disappointed
with the Brandywine facitlties (batch processing of punch cards at UD).  Clark
had become such a pain at Brandywine that he was immediately selected as
contact student when Teresa asked for one -- and he volunteered our house for
the first meeting.  That's how Ed got involved so early -- he was still in Jr
H -- but they couldn't very well kick him out of his own home! 
     With both of the boys in the Boston area, we have a 2nd home on Cape Cod
and are leaving early tomorrow to head up there for a couple of weeks.
There's an old Mac up there so I should be able to get on line.
     Have you found George Robbins? How's he doing?  He marched to a different
drummer -- didn't graduate from HS 'cause he refused Phys Ed.