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Re: RE: RE: Project Delta

     Thanks for the prompt reply--the trip was uneventful--C&E enjoyed reading
your 1st reply (which I had printed out).  We had dinner plus two birthday
cakes and then headed down to the Cape.
     Yes, I did write a "Sons Meet the Computer" story -- which, of course,
has a lot of Delta in it.  I know I can put my hands on it -- but I think it
is typewritten---before my computer days.  I'll look it up when I get home.
     DEC!!! That's wonderful.  Ed's wife was a DEC employee until child #3
arrived.  Worked in quality assurance or something like that.
    Thanks for George's address -- I'll see what he has to say.  My wife had a
Delaware Olympic Committee mailbox at Rockland for about 20 years.  Loved the
postmistress there.