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RE: The list

Thanks for the list .... I never got a copy <smile>

and for your information smarty pants ...

Just because you ARE paranoid, dosen't mean that everyone ISN'T out to get 

'Chocolate, Caffeine, Paranoia ... Breakfast of Champions'

From:  Bob & Cecelia[SMTP:n3lym@amsat.org]
Sent:  Wednesday, April 22, 1998 8:51 AM
To:  'Derik Desarian Thoth'
Subject:  RE: The list

Hey Brian,
	Yes, I suppose you know we're trying to find all the Deltoids.  We, of 
course, already knew where you were.  I forgot about your paranoid 
tendencies <chortle>, Jim Stallings & Alan Flippen now know how to get you. 
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