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Re: History Speaks, Volume 84: Bob Mader

Synopsis of recent personal history:
Took a week vacation to Tahiti, spoke gobs of French, ate lots of awesome
food, snorkeled in awesome waters, generally soaked in the island life
and decided that a tropical clime is definately in my future.

I bought a house, now have 3 kitty-cats (peaches, tiny and mischief).
I'm just working the same old grind (writing software), but now I'm
operating with a long-term plan that will result in financial
independence. Yahoo!  :)

Yeah, I surfed around a little looking for people and turned up your
baby mug!  At home I have a web page I made that I'll mail ya from my
personal account.  I think 20 years is just about the right time for a

I don't think I've seen this "History" by Alan you refer to; can ya
mail it to me?
                                               Rich Thomson