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Re: Project DELTA...


Yes, it's me. What a surprise to hear from you! I haven't thought about
DELTA in years, except to muse occasionally about the 32 meg of memory in
the little box on my desk top and how we had to fight and scrounge for a
measly half-meg back in '79 ...

I saw Ernie about eight years ago, and remain pretty good friends with Tom
Hartmann, but otherwise have been completely out of touch with Delta folks.
After graduating from Princeton and then getting a journalism degree from
Columbia, I spent 10 years with the Associated Press as a reporter, editor
and supervisor before leaving two years ago to come here to the Times. I'm
now the "late metro editor," which refers not to my untimely death but to
my untimely hours: I come in at 6 p.m. and oversee the production of the
Metro section, making sure copy flows on time from the reporters through
the editors and into the paper and doing as much quality-control as I can.
Usually get out of here around 2:30 a.m.

Next week, as it happens, I'm starting a pretty big career change, leaving
journalism for the business/corporate side of the newspaper. I'll be
working in the Strategic Planning department here for a few months, then
going back to Columbia (again) for my M.B.A., and then, who knows? Working
on New Year's Eve was fun at Delta, but I've gotten tired of the hours of
journalism and the fact that, in essence, I'm working on a production line
and could easily be doing it the rest of my life if I don't do something.
So I'm doing something.

Would love to hear what you and everyone else you reach have been up to.
Please feel free to give this e-mail address out to other Delta folks (it
should remain good until at least August). I don't get down to Delaware
much anymore, but if you let me know long enough in advance about any
reunion plans, I might be able to make it. And if I can help with the
website (my HTML skills are rudimentary but not non-existent), let me know.


At 09:22 PM 3/27/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Just curious... are you the Alan Flippen that worked at Project DELTA 
>and wrote the "Unofficial History of Project DELTA" in 1980. If so, 
>"Hi!" Ernie and I are think of putting up a DELTA website to 
>commemorate DELTA's 25th anniversary. Maybe organize a reunion, too. So 
>what's up with you?
>Bob Mader