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Re: Project Delta...

Yes, this is the Joe Augenbraun that worked for Project Delta.  It's kind
of amazing to hear from people at Delta -- I had no idea that anybody
remembered Delta at all!

Let's see, you want to know what I'm doing and "vital stats".  I'm single
and live in Princeton NJ.  I'm Vice President of engineering for a
startup company named "WorldGate Communications" which allows consumers
to access the internet through their TV, using their standard cable 
converters.  The New York Times ran a front page article about us that 
called us "Bill Gates' and WebTV's worst nightmare".  We have about 100 
people, and are likely to IPO within a year.

It's good to hear from former Deltoids, please let me know how I can get 
the alumni guide.


t 08:56 PM 4/1/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Is this the Joe Augenbraun who worked at Project Delta? If that's you, 
>please respond with what you've been up to and your current vital 
>stats. I'm trying to update the Delta alumni list. I'm also hoping to 
>put together a Project Delta alumni web page including various pictures 
>and writings as well as a PDP-11 emulator running RSTS/E. If you still 
>have any Delta memorabilia, pictures, or backup tapes, please let me 
>Bob Mader [1,50]