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Re: Project Delta...

On Thu, Apr 2, 1998 4:26 PM, Bob & Cecelia <mailto:n3lym@amsat.org> wrote:
>Is this the Ed Tecot who worked once at Project Delta? If that's you, 
>please respond with what you've been up to and your current vital 
>stats. I'm trying to update the Delta alumni list. I'm also hoping to 
>put together a Project Delta alumni web page including various pictures 
>and writings as well as a PDP-11 emulator running RSTS/E. If you still 
>have any Delta memorabilia, pictures, or backup tapes, please let me 
>Bob Mader [1,50]

Hi Bob!

Yes, I'm the same Ed Tecot [1,44].  I'm working for Microsoft in San Jose,
CA on Internet Explorer for Macintosh.  I'm married and have two sons,
Gabriel (3) and Lucas (1).  My home page is seriously out of date (it says
I work for Apple, which hasn't been the case for a year) but it is at

I actually have some old RSTS/E documentation somewhere in my house.