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Re: Project DELTA

Yes; I'd be *very* surprised to find another Aron Insinga in the world!

I'd worry about the license crap for RSTS; Bob Supnik at DEC went through hoops 
to make PDP-8 software available.  I think there was some sort of hobbiest 
license for some other stuff -- does it apply to RSTS?

I have some magtapes [have you found magtapes that old are still readable?] and 
DECtapes [can you read them too?] and pictures; this will give me an incentive 
to look for them.

I left DEC (in MA & NH) after 16 years in 36-bit diagnostics, VLSI CAD, AI, 
and C++ Class Library groups.  The first start-up I worked for fizziled; this 
start-up is doing much better.  (URL below.)

You heard Dave Robinson is retiring this year?

Where are you?

Do you have a list of PPNs?  I've forgotten...

I'd love to have a copy of the list.

My home e-mail address, which I do not read very often, is aki@foobar.mv.com .

Married (she illustrates children's magazines), 2 kids (a girl 13 who likes 
math but hasn't really gotten into programming yet, just building Escape 
Velocity plug-ins, and a boy 9 who is into dinosaurs/lizards/fish), 3 
PowerMacs, 2 68k Macs, 2 PDT-11/150s (LSI-11s), 1 DECmate, and several 
non-working PCs.

I'll have to dig out some real bio info sometime.

- Aron

At 11:08 AM 4/9/98 -0400, you wrote:
>Is this the same Aron Insinga who once who worked at Project Delta?
>If that's you, please respond with what you've been up to and your
>current vital stats. I'm trying to update the Delta alumni list. I'm
>also hoping to put together a Project Delta alumni web page including
>various pictures and writings as well as a PDP-11 emulator running
>RSTS/E. If you still have any Delta memorabilia, pictures, or backup
>tapes (I can read them!), please let me know!  If you know of any 
>deltoid e-mail addresses send them along!
>Bob Mader [1,50]

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