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RE: Project DELTA...

Bob (and Cecelia),

Wow! That was a lot of typing. Thanks.

And a trip reading it. I'll give it a light edit and send it back sometime
this week; your idea of adding a how-I-feel-about-this-now preface is a good
one. Have you asked any of the others involved, like Ed Jones or Tony Eros,
how they feel about this being put on line? As I read through it, while I'll
definitely retain the description of the staff divided pro- and anti-Ed
Jones and the reasons why, I'm inclined to tone down a bit of the snottiness.

Meanwhile, I had forgotten that Dave Wiley and Bruce Siegell were part of
Delta. I saw Dave at a high school reunion several years ago; at the time,
he had some sort of management job at SABRE, the American Airlines ticket
reservation system. You might be able to track him down through that. Bruce
was a pretty minor player, but my parents and his parents are pretty close
and I can probably find him if you're interested. (Come to think of it, how
did you find me?)

One other thing: The enclosed paragraph seems to have several words missing,
at a minimum. Could a page have fallen out or something? If you find them,
let me know.

>While CHOICES was the main concern of many DELTA people, Tony was 
>developing a program for Dr. Pete Idstein of the New Castle County 
>School District.  Called SIS (for Student Information System), the 
>program was in (*** WORDS MISSING HERE? *** ) Richmond, Virginia.  Also,
the budget crunch was making 
>itself felt earlier than ever.  Instead of increasing everyone's hours 
>for the summer (as was customary), everyone was told to work only the 
>same number of hours they had been working.