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Re: Project DELTA

God knows what ever happened to a number of them.  Hell, I even forget
most of the names.  I would know them if I heard them.  I remembered BOB,
and a few others.  There is also the guy that went to VA Tech (VPI), and I
forget his name.  He worked closely on the database design of the Jobs for
Delaware Grads.  I will have to check some of my stuff and see what names
I can find in some of the code.  Ed and Penny (not jones, boas) might be a
good place to try and find some other people.  I also remember an Ernie, I
think...  again not real sure.. it has only been 20 years,  I should
remember!  Old age is a kicker.  Also, I received my kd4zot call about 4-5
years ago.  I am only a tech, figured I don't do much HF, so way get the
code and then have to spend all the money for rigs.  ;-)

If we can figure out the guys name from VIP, he was almost an
ibano(spelling).  How was the tall skinny (I know we all were), but really
nerdie (besides us) guy that a I drove to 1000 island with... He went to
deer park for our lunches alot with us.  He was REALLY strange.  Last I
heard from him, he cornered my mom 14 years ago and tried to sell her
things like amway.  He was also living with this girl for awhile in
apartments not far from the Southern States.

Where are you located these days??

Bob & Cecelia wrote:

> I'm sorry Jim, Bob's been in New Mexico doing a server install.  He'll
> get back to you soon, I promise!
> He did get all excited when he heard you'd been located.  I think it's
> been so long since those days only a few folks really "stick" in the
> mind.  Seems you're one of them.
> Do you know the whereabouts of any folks?  I can send you the e-mail
> address list I've so far compiled; we also have the Alan Flippen
> "Unofficial Delta History", all revised so no one's feelings are hurt
> (like Ed Jones, whom we haven't located yet.)
> Cecelia Mader
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> Bob,
> You ever get my response to your Project Delta Message??
> Jim