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Re: Project DELTA

It would be interesting to see the Flippen version as well was what
addresses you have gotten.  I run a server for clients that I host sites
for.  If you want, I can great a majordomo mailing list with all the
addresses in it.

Let me know.

Bob & Cecelia wrote:

> I'm sorry Jim, Bob's been in New Mexico doing a server install.  He'll
> get back to you soon, I promise!
> He did get all excited when he heard you'd been located.  I think it's
> been so long since those days only a few folks really "stick" in the
> mind.  Seems you're one of them.
> Do you know the whereabouts of any folks?  I can send you the e-mail
> address list I've so far compiled; we also have the Alan Flippen
> "Unofficial Delta History", all revised so no one's feelings are hurt
> (like Ed Jones, whom we haven't located yet.)
> Cecelia Mader
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> From:   Jim Stallings [SMTP:jim@mcws.net]
> Sent:   Monday, April 20, 1998 11:57 AM
> To:     Bob & Cecelia
> Subject:        Re: Project DELTA
> Bob,
> You ever get my response to your Project Delta Message??
> Jim