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Re: Project DELTA

That was mean... just a snip... you need to send me the entire thing.

Bob & Cecelia wrote:

> Alan Flippen writes:
> This whole episode keeps bringing back memories of things that never
> made it
> into the "unofficial history." E.g. the weekday during the summer while
> we
> were in 011, when Jim Stallings went to the Deer Park and bought us all
> a
> bunch of beer, which we poured into empty Coke cans and drank right
> under
> the noses of Boas and Uffelman (Stallings even offered Uffelman a sip
> of his
> "Coke", causing the rest of us to nearly die stifling our laughter). Or
> the
> time when Rich Thomson discovered the Stanford Glossary of Hacker
> Jargon (I
> think he downloaded it over the pre-Internet) and made us all start
> using
> words like "crufty" and "foo." (Oddly enough, I discovered recently
> that the
> Jargon Glossary, much updated, is now available on the Web. I went and
> looked at it and discovered that the PDP-11 is now considered one of
> the
> legendary hacker machines and those who knew how to hack it are minor
> celebrities in that world.)
> Cecelia