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Re: Project DELTA

Think we really need to get together to remember the stories that we want to and
not want to sell!  Do you have a place to host the site?  If not, I can stick it
on deltos.mcws.net and give you all telnet and ftp accounts. Let me know.

I will read the history...  or should I....

Bob & Cecelia wrote:

> Nope, this is not in the history.  It came from this mail message:
> No personal web site.  It's enough to do the DRA.  I think there's a
> pic of Bob in there holding the ladder in the article "the 10
> commandments of electronics (or electricity??)
> Here's the unofficial history, revised for 1998 "PC" standards.  When
> the DELTA web site gets going it'll be in there.  I'd be interested in
> knowing what you thought... so far, only Alan, Bob & I have read it
> (within the last 20 years, that is).
> A quick search for your uncle shows he's not a current member of the
> DRA, but that doesn't mean one of us hasn't met him.
> Any stories you can tell of the time at DELTA?  Remember, anything you
> tell us will be held against you, & printed in the web site.
> Cecelia
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> Subject: Re: unofficial history
> Date: Mon, 20 Apr 1998 09:40:16 -0400
> From: Alan Flippen <flippen@nytimes.com>
> To: Bob & Cecelia <n3lym@amsat.org>
> Hi,
> Nice to hear from you again. Yes, by all means, feel free to argue with me
> about any of the changes, if you think there's stuff that really should be
> left in there. I always like to get feedback. The one thing I would note is
> that softening my tone on the subject of Ed Jones is not a new idea; I
> decided within a few months of writing this that I had been too hard on him.
> He was far from perfect as an administrator/manager, but he did the best he
> could given that his immediate bosses were difficult to work with.
> Have you located Ed Jones yet? What's he doing? I've seen him only once
> since Ernie's wedding (he organized a canoeing trip on the upper Delaware
> for several ex-Deltoids round about '82 or '83). And thanks for the update
> on Ernie; I was wondering whether he and Joyce had lasted.
> This whole episode keeps bringing back memories of things that never made it
> into the "unofficial history." E.g. the weekday during the summer while we
> were in 011, when Jim Stallings went to the Deer Park and bought us all a
> bunch of beer, which we poured into empty Coke cans and drank right under
> the noses of Boas and Uffelman (Stallings even offered Uffelman a sip of his
> "Coke", causing the rest of us to nearly die stifling our laughter). Or the
> time when Rich Thomson discovered the Stanford Glossary of Hacker Jargon (I
> think he downloaded it over the pre-Internet) and made us all start using
> words like "crufty" and "foo." (Oddly enough, I discovered recently that the
> Jargon Glossary, much updated, is now available on the Web. I went and
> looked at it and discovered that the PDP-11 is now considered one of the
> legendary hacker machines and those who knew how to hack it are minor
> celebrities in that world.)
> Ah, memories ...
> Cheers,
> Alan
> At 01:23 PM 4/18/98 -0400, you wrote:
> >Howdy Alan,
> >
> >I just reformatted & printed the revised history.  I have to admit to
> >not having read it yet, but I won't keep quiet about the revisions (if
> >I don't like them, that is!).  I did peruse the new forward, I
> >especially liked  the  "capturing a moment" bit.  (I wondered why Bob
> >used to like Gennie Ale so much!)
> >
> >We use word 7.0 too so any future revisions can just be a word doc.
> >
> >Bob & Ernie (Perez) are at the Trenton Computer Fest selling "basement
> >collectibles", I saw a 300 baud modem in Bob's stuff.  Ernie is doing
> >well.  He & Joyce divorced 3 years ago or so.  Ernie Jr. is just about
> >16 (taller than his old man too), Chris (14) & Amanda (13) finish off
> >the pack.  If I remember I'll ask Ernie about the appendix... he's just
> >the type to still have it (packrat with a big house).
> >
> >I've found 2 more:
> >
> >Jim Stallings  jim@mcws.net
> >Dave Wiley dave_wiley@amrcorp.com
> >(I sent mail to SABRE... thanks for the tip.)
> >
> >
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