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Re: Hey! A live one!

Bob & Cecelia wrote:

> It's amazing what seeing a few names will do for the memory.  What a
> great story!
> Ron Dozier works for IEC.  I was amazed anyone knew such a group
> existed... my step-father (Jim Phillips) has worked for IEC since the
> Sharp lab days.

I have heard of him.  I am sure he knows my mom.  She was the operations
manager for IEC for many many years until retirement.  She helped with the
building of the current IEC building across from the computer hardware
center.  She worked for IEC back in the days when it was in the old
warehouse on Delware Ave across the street from the Burger King and gas
station.  Next time you talk to your step-father see if he knows Margaret
(Peggy) Stallings.  Her address is peggy@mcws.net.  It seems like my whole
family uses my server for their email.  My mom has always used my computer
stuff.  When Delta give me the terminal, she use to come in my room and
connect to the UofD system for her fortran class so she could do the
projects from the house and not have to go down to the computer center and
fight for a CARD PUNCH... remember those... WIRE BOARDS  AGHHHHH....  I
think it may have been Bob and I that played with the tektronics graphic
terminals and those APL terminals.... enough dating myself!!  ;-)

> I checked out some of the search engines on your web page- Bigfoot
> enabled me to find a host of possibilities "411" didn't spit out.  I
> found Ron Cox thru Bigfoot.  Thanks for putting all those search
> engines up there....

I forgot all about those.  I need to put them on my company site for my
clients.  Thanks for reminding me about them.