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Re: Hey! A live one!

Bob & Cecelia wrote:

> The old place near the Burglar King was (and still is?) called the Bud
> Building.  I've heard the history of it but don't remember what
> originally was manufactured there. I believe there's some talk of
> hazardous material needing to be cleaned up, which is why no-one will
> buy it.   I spent many an afternoon in that building when I was quite
> young- too young to disregard the stern warning not  leave the
> administrative area.  I recall it as quite the scary place.

Are you on ICQ??  If not I will send you a invite.  If you don;t mind me
asking... how old are you??  I am SURE that we have run into each other at
IEC.  I was there ALOT.  My moms office was right near the front door.
You walked in, past the admin area and her office was across the hall.
Here window faced the big yarded in area that was inside the fence facing
the area of the high school.