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Re: Hey! A live one!

Bob & Cecelia wrote:

> I don't think Uffelman will be doing that... he died in 1989.

I thought he was up there in years.  Was an 'OFFICAL HISTORY' ever
written?  Has Boas been contacted in MD?

> Born in 1965, I'm 32.  Assuming your Bob's age (38), I was probably too
> young for you enjoy interacting with then.   I Figure that the IEC was at
> Sharp labs until maybe 1969-70, the Bud building 70-76 (?) and then the
> Pike Creek Towers, before moving into it's current digs.  You remember
> the picnics?  I recall one at Karl & Renatta Boer's mansion (by my
> standards, they had an indoor pool), where the older "boys" like the
> Hadley brothers (Hank Hadley's kids), played baseball at the party. My
> slightly older sister & I, along with the Petersen girls (Merry
> Petersens's kids) swam in the pool. Maybe 1972?

My mom did not start working for UofD until 1974 or 5.  We did not move
back to the states until 73-74.  I have forwarded your emails to her to see
if it sparks any memories.

> I don't remember where my Dad's office was at Bud, I do remember him
> printing out snoopy ASCII art for my amusement, hehe!

Oh god, do I remember that stuff!  There were libraries FULL of that stuff
on Delta.  Printed REAMS of paper with pictures of snoopy to pictures
of.....  well...  ahh..  centerfolds, but you never heard that from me.

There were GREAT ones of the USS Enterprise and many many more.  I had them
ALL over my walls.