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Re: Hey! A live one!

Ok, cause he is now married to Joan and she had a son.  My mom never knew
your mom, only the second one Jim married.


Bob & Cecelia wrote:

> Yes, I'm the first wife's (Carolyn Phillips) youngest daughter.  The
> woman he is married to now once worked at the IEC (great place to meet
> women?)
> Cecelia
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> I talked to my mom and she replied:
> Well, then I don't know who she is unless Jim was married once before
> and
> she is a stepdaughter by his first wife.  That could be.  But the woman
> he
> is married to now had a son.
> Is this correct?
> Bob & Cecelia wrote:
> > The old place near the Burglar King was (and still is?) called the
> Bud
> > Building.  I've heard the history of it but don't remember what
> > originally was manufactured there. I believe there's some talk of
> > hazardous material needing to be cleaned up, which is why no-one will
> > buy it.   I spent many an afternoon in that building when I was quite
> > young- too young to disregard the stern warning not  leave the
> > administrative area.  I recall it as quite the scary place.