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Re: History Speaks, Volume 84: Bob Mader

Whoa Bob, you've been busy!  Do you happen to have any backup tapes
from that era?  I have one, I barely remember what could be on it.  I
should take it to a data conversion place and get it dumped into some
media I can read.  I do have a photocopy of one of Ralph Gonzalez's
programs (inscrutable as it is).

I think my data tape includes some code I wrote back then and maybe
other utilities and things I thought were handy to have.  Do you
remember the DECUS field trips to other PDP sites?  Man, I remember
thinking "their computer sucks compared to our 11/70!" when looking at
all those little installations.

I will try to remember sending you the web page that I have at home, I
keep forgetting....
						-- Rich
                                               Rich Thomson