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[Fwd: UofD Mainframe]

Here is the thing with the computer center.  Another Delta person comes
to the rescue!

---- Begin included message ----
This is what I remember to the best of my ability.

It was a holiday weekend...either Memorial Day or Labor Day.  The main
frame crashed at the University.  There was no person available (because
of the holiday I assume) to try and bring it up and none of the computer
students were having any luck with it.  Evidently they called everyone
they knew who did computer work and perhaps called Delta for help and
someone suggested they call you.  You were at home and agreed to go down
and see if you could help.  You went down and brought the thing back up
somehow.  Everyone was delighted and you came home.
It gave the computer people a bit of a surprise when they returned to
work Monday morning to find out that you could get in to the mainframe
system and I think they decided to check out their security.  I joked
with the asst. treasurer and told him I thought they needed to worry a
little.  He said, was that your son?  And I said , Yes.  He just

And that is really all that I remember.  Hope it is enough to make a
story for you.
Peggy Stallings

---- End included message ----