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Re: Project DELTA

Teresa wrote back to me recently that she still lives near my old house in
Wilmington.  She says she walks past it every day on her 2 mile walk, hard
to do from Nebraska.

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From: Bob & Cecelia <n3lym@amsat.org>
To: 'David Corbishley' <david_corbishley@email.msn.com>
Date: Wednesday, April 22, 1998 8:51 PM
Subject: RE: Project DELTA

>Hi David,
>Thanks for the reply. I missed the Palmer visit... was it any good?
>The response to my Delta spamming initiative has had me quite
>overwhelmed. I've gotten in touch with many Deltoids and have gathered
>quite a number of nice stories about those good old days. Teresa Green
>is still alive and well, retired in Nebraska. She was able to help fill
>in the history of the founding of Delta and the early years. It's
>really amazing what Delta was able to do at that time. The notion that
>somebody would fund this really expensive computer system and then let
>a bunch of high school kids loose on the thing. Teresa Green pushed
>hard to make sure that Delta would be run by the students (a radical
>view both then and now).
>Also have a lengthy unofficial history of the final years from Alan
>Flippen (now working for the NY Times). His story and a few others tell
>of the more mischievous side that many Deltoids remember fondly. There
>are several stories of how "so and so" breached system security and a
>week later, was made a privileged staff member. What an experience. But
>it's amazing to see how that environment led to the many successful and
>happy lives of all the Deltoids I have heard from. I think most of us
>have finally grown up!
>Anyway, I'll have it all compiled in the Delta web site soon.
>Hopefully, we'll be able to recover some actual files from that time.
>Remember all those GRIPES and MESSAG.TXT's. And how about the ASCII art
>library? Anyway, here's the list of folks as of this date. Let me know
>of anyone we may have missed!
>Regards for now...
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>Subject: Re: Project DELTA
>I think I was the first student on the project.  Teresa's DEC salesman
>her my name and I directed her to Jodie Hobson and George Robbins,
>the Baker brothers as well.
>Jodie, George, and myself were in Dave Robinson's project at U of D as
>Besides the late night eating at Sam's, I remember Dave's grad students
>but a couple of Traffic albums on a big reel-to-reel and I still enjoy
>I was at PHH Tuesday to hear Palmer, did you go?
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>From: Bob Mader <Bob.Mader@digital.com>
>To: David Corbishley <david_corbishley@email.msn.com>
>Date: Thursday, April 09, 1998 12:46 PM
>Subject: RE: Project DELTA
>>Hi David,
>>What a surprise! I also work at Digital for NSIS here in Philadelphia.
>>with DEC for about 10 years now. I worked at Delta from around 1977
>>after Teresa Green left) until around 1980.
>>Mrs. Green went to Lincoln U after leaving Delaware.  She retired from
>>in 1988. I got e-mail from her; the address is teresagree@aol.com.
>>Now, I guess from the 11/20 reference that you were involved in Delta
>a few
>>years (maybe more than a few) before me. Any stories or history you
>>share from the early days would really be appreciated. I wasn't around
>>the 11/50 timeframe.
>>Regards for now...
>>Bob Mader
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>> To: George Robbins; n3lym@amsat.org
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>> Subject: Re: Project DELTA
>> Hi, I think I still have the original RSTS manual DEC gave me to
>>read before
>> the 11/20 arrived.  While I wasn't with the project long, I'm still
>>at DEC
>> (21 years).  I don't have Clark for Eddie's addresses, but can
>>probably get
>> them from their Mom if needed.
>> Any word on Mrs. Green?
>> David
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>> Date: Wednesday, April 08, 1998 6:23 PM
>> Subject: Re: Project DELTA
>> >> From n3lym@amsat.org Mon Apr  6 16:57:37 1998
>> >> From: Bob & Cecelia <n3lym@amsat.org>
>> >> Subject: Project DELTA
>> >> Date: Mon, 6 Apr 1998 16:58:24 -0400
>> >>
>> >> Hi,
>> >>
>> >> Is this the same George Robbins who once who worked at Project
>> >> If that's you, please respond with what you've been up to and
>> >> current vital stats. I'm trying to update the Delta alumni list.
>> >> also hoping to put together a Project Delta alumni web page
>> >> various pictures and writings as well as a PDP-11 emulator
>> >> RSTS/E. If you still have any Delta memorabilia, pictures, or
>> >> tapes (I can read them!), please let me know!  If you know of any
>> >> deltoid e-mail addresses send them along!
>> >
>> >Hi Bob:
>> >
>> >Well, I guess out of that mess of addresses, I'm the real one.
>> >
>> >I'm afraid that after n-moves and the usual things left behind,
>> >I probably don't have any memoribilia from the early Delta days.
>> >I do have some fond (and embarassing) memories of those times,
>> >but it's been a while now and would take some time to sort thru
>> >the cobwebs and figure out which pieces were Delta, which Dave'
>> >Robinson's EE program for HS students and the group of computer
>> >freaks I was hannging out with from my own highschool.
>> >
>> >If you do get a web-site going, I'd be glad to look it over and
>> >perhaps have a few tidbits to add.
>> >
>> >One person you might want to get in touch with is David Corbishley
>> ><corbishley@mail.dec.com> - while he got bumped out of Delta after
>> >only a short involvement, he's kept more in touch with people from
>> >that period than I, and probably has a current e-mail address for
>> >Clark Baker.
>> >
>> > George
>> >
>> >PS: I always liked it when the login header was:
>> >
>> > "George's RSTS-11 Timesharing System"
>> >
>> >