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Re: Looks Good

Bob & Cecelia wrote:

> It appears that you're on all the time!  I'm glad we could get you all
> fired up over this!

Anyway I can help, I will be happy to.  Delta is responsible for all the
late nights, middle of the night pages, remote connects via laptop while on
vacation..... I WANT REVENGE!! ;-)

> Are you only archiving the mailing list server messages?  Believe me,
> I've got plenty more addressed to solely us; your implication came about
> 2 weeks into the search.

I am archiving all messages that go through the list server.  They are
cataloged nightly and INDEXED and CONTENTED.

> Don't sweat Haislett; it seems when Bob & Ernie tried to round folks up
> in 1991 (they had plenty of time for it at work, the Digital Corporate
> group they were in was a cushy sort) Dave didn't want much to do with it
> either.  One person out of 31 so far is a great batting average!

Really!  It is just strange since Ed, Brain, and I spent alot of time with

> I was all psyched when the folks started replying to the Spam I sent; now
> I'm lucky for 1  every couple of days.  I'm pondering doing a macro for
> the folks like Dave Anderson- 911 hits in 411.  I just don't have that
> kind of time to monkey manually!  The more unusual the name, the easier
> it is.

Really, like dave was real easy