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Re: Delta web site...

Bob & Cecelia wrote:

> Hi Rich and Jim,
> I am sending this message to the two of you because I want help with
> the web project and you appear to be eager to help and you also appear
> to have copious free time... great! Don't worry about where to host it,
> I can use my account at the EE dept (space not a problem). But as far
> as gathering, compiling, and formatting the content, I welcome the
> help.

Don't have ALOT of free time, just connected via work all the time.  I can
help out though.  If you want we can put the site on my server so everyone
envolved in it can have their own signon or we can create a delta account
with its' own password.  This way many people can help out and work on it
without messing with your personal account.  This is totally up to you, but
remember I have my own business equipment on the net and fully own it.  So
there is NO cost to me or anyone for a delta.mcws.net or whatever you
want.  Hell, if we get enough people to chip in we could have
www.deltoids.org or delta.org and have email addresses at delta.org.  Cost
is $50 per year to internic.

> Rich took a first crack at an outline, and it's not far off from what I
> was thinking of. The only nit I have with it is all the links to
> current University info; I'm looking for more of a historical
> perspective. I think we need to focus on finding and creating as  much
> Delta-specific content as possible.

Agreed, it would be nice if we created a form that people can sumbit
information about themself.  This would then be placed onthe site with a
link to alumni.  This would allow each alumni page on delta site to look
the same.  Then they could have links from there to their own site.

> Here's what I was thinking of. A top level page that includes the
> following high level categories...
> About Project Delta: This would cover the story of the founding of
> Delta based on stories from Teresa and the Baker family (Ed, Clark, and
> their father Marshall who was really into things at the time). Also the
> place get philosophical about what made Delta so wonderful for all
> involved. I think I can get Teresa to write this "forward" for the
> site.


> The Deltoids: The alumni listing with links to home pages, e-mail
> addresses, pictures then and now, and some of their (success) stories.


> Breaking Security and Other Tales of Mischief: This category is self
> explanatory. Alan Flippen's unofficial history goes here.


> The Computers: This covers the technology section, hardware/software.
> Maybe we can put together a Delta hardware timeline. I can get images
> of all the vintage stuff from Digital's internal photo archive (on our
> intranet). In the software dept, we could include source code to some
> of the more notable programs (or anything we can get our hands on...
> still looking for these bits).
> RSTS/E is on the air! This section covers Bob Supnik's PDP-11 emulator
> and how to run RSTS/E on modern hardware platforms. Eventually, I would
> like to get an old Delta backup and setup a server where we can
> hyperlink to a special telnet port that takes you to KB0: and boots
> Delta. Here again, we need those old Delta bits!
> Acknowledgements and Thanks: Recognition for everybody who contributes
> to putting this together and to a big "Thank You" to Teresa for
> creating Delta.
> That's it for the high level categories (unless you can think of more).
> Of course, the hard part will be compiling all the nice prose that goes
> under the various categories. I've saved all of the e-mails from this
> alumni list effort as well as the one that I launched in 1991. There
> are some good stories and background there.
> As far as format and features, I'd prefer to keep it simple. I'm a big
> believer in the "best viewed with any browser" philosophy. My favorite
> html editor is vi. Get the picture? See http://www.eecis.udel.edu/~dra
> for an example of the style (or lack there of) for my other web site.
> Was it you Rich that was talking about coding standards??? But I
> digress, sorry!  I think it's most important at this point to
> concentrate on the prose and worry about the html later.

Agreed, if you look at http://www.mcws.net/clients.html you will notice I
the sites I did are very non-graphic.

> So, let me know what you think. Can we work together on this thing? How
> do we get started? What parts are you interested in doing? Ideas?

If you don't mind, I can start on the people and setup the form
questionaire that I can send to the mail list serv for people, then to
their pages.

> Bob
> PS: Jim, thanks for setting up the mailing list. It seems to be working
> great! It will be a handy content solicitation tool... "Does anybody
> know the details of blah..."

No Prob!