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Re: a live one!

Great... invite him to join the mailing list at
http://www.mcws.net/deltoids.html or my sending a message to
deltoids-request@mcws.net with "subscribe deltoids" in the message text.

Bob & Cecelia wrote:

> I've found Steve Mentzer, he writes:
> Yes, I am the Steve Mentzer in question.  Forgive me for not
> remembering you,
> but I have trouble remembering what I did last week, let alone 15 years
> ago.
> As for what I'm doing now: I'm President of The Core Group Inc., a
> company that
> provides service and support for a manufacturing software package.
>  We're based
> in Pittsburgh, PA.  I'm now 32 and (still) single.
> The only memorabilia I know I have is printouts of some e-mail messages
> from my
> account in a box somewhere.  If I find it, I'll forward anything
> potentially
> relevant to your project.
> As I write this, I'm recalling a few things:
> 1. We were messing around with the operating system tables one weekend
> and
> caused the system to crash in a bad way.  I think they had to restore
> it from
> tape.
> 2. Late one night I found someone was accessing the system through a
> "back
> door" so I decided to change the priv password.  It was quite late and
> I didn't
> know who to call, so I waited until morning.  This upset a few people.
> 3. Ed Boas (I think that's how it's spelled) routinely used ALL CAPS IN
> PORTIONS OF HIS MAIL MESSAGES.  I still don't know if he intended to
> convey
> yelling by doing this or not.
> 4. The OS would let you "garbage collect" by opening a file and
> allocating
> space for it.  The unallocated space would be filled with whatever was
> in the
> system memory at the time, so if you just closed the file it would
> often
> contain pieces of other people's mail messages and other fragments of
> things.
> 5. I used to do a lot of funky stuff in TECO, the system text editor.
>  But I'm
> sure if I looked at it now I wouldn't have a clue about it.
> Feel free to ask questions if you need to.  Maybe something will jog my
> memory
> ... I think my account was [1,42].  Does that sound right?
> Regards,
> Steve Mentzer
> The Core Group Inc.
> Pittsburgh, PA
> Email steve@thecoregrp.com