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Fwd: [utah.forsale] Wanted: PDP minicomputers (DEC)

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   Date:  Tue, 28 May 2002 04:55:48 GMT
 Groups:  utah.forsale
   From:  <nospam87@parse.com>
    Org:  Magma Communications Ltd.
Subject:  Wanted:  PDP minicomputers (DEC)
     Id:  <o5EI8.152$c6.23134@news>
Hi folks,

I'm looking for Digital Equipment Corporation PDP minicomputers
for a private collection.  I'll pay cash and pay for transportation if you
have one that you'd like to sell.  Please email me with location and price.

I'm specifically looking for the following models:

    PDP-1..7: (any)
    PDP-8's:  (straight), F, I, L, S
    PDP-9's:  (any)
    PDP-10's: -KA, -KI, -KL
    PDP-11's: /15, /20, /35, /40, /45, /50, /55, /70

You can tell which ones these are because they'll have a front panel with
lights and switches -- lots of lights and lots of switches :-)  These
machines date from the 1960s through to the 1970s.

I generally pay between USD$25 and USD$500 depending on the particular model
and the condition.  I'll of course pay for shipping.

I'm also interested in parts, peripherals (like tape drives), software,
documentation, DEC books, etc... related to the above machines.

If you have something that you'd like to trade for instead of cash, please
see my webpages at:

    http://www.parse.com/~pdp8/spares.html      (spare modules)
    http://www.parse.com/~pdp8/books.html       (inventory of PDP-books)

Thanks in advance!


Robert Krten -- email my initials at parse dot com