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Re: nice pdp-11/70 picture

Well your lucky I found the book.  I also have the DEC book Bob was taling 

The book I mentioned is called..

Small Systems Computer SourceBook
A Halsted Press Book 1978 (Not as old as I thought!)
Edited by J C Boonham BSc Minst P

After a second look it's basically about small systems (PC's) They
didn't start calling them that until after IBM introduced the pc.

Lots of pics of...

South West Technical Products (SWTP) MP-68 computer system (Motorola 6800 
Apple II (We had two Bell and Howell Black ones at Delta)
Compucolor 8001
Cromemco Z-2 Pro
Ebnek-77 (uses TI TMS9900)
HP 9831A
IMSAI Megabyte Micro
Microkit 8/16
CP 110 Superjolt CPU and SM1000 Micro (6502 based)
Altair 8800 from MITS Inc. (uses the s-100 bus! remember those?)
North Star Computers Inc. (Z-80 based stuff)
PolyMorphic Systems Poly 88 Micro (8080a based)
Ohio Scientific Instruments (Challenger Systems which had a PDP-8 equivalent 
processor called the 6100)
Xitan by Tech Design Labs (We has one at Delta)
HP 4051 Personal Computing Systems (I think they existed at Smith Hall)
Vector 1+ by Vector Graphics Inc. (We had one of these at Delta too)
DEC PDP-11v03
MicroNOVA by Data General Corp

Processors of the ara...

Intel 8080a
Motorola 6800
Zilog Z-80
MOS Technology 6502
Signetics 2650
Texas Instruments 9900

Is this enough history?

As for the Museum... I took the kids there because the Childrens Museum was 
next door.  They had a few DEC systems like PDP-11's , PDP-8, VAX 11/750, 
etc.  Lots of movies, pics of Eniac, etc., a running conglomeration of 
robots that moved/sang/made noise in a rythmic tempo together, (The kids 
loved this part!)  They also had lots of DECTalk boxes connected to 
terminals and pc's for the kids to use.  (Hands on stuff)  Actually as I 
remember they had a room worth of the actual Eniac system.  Lots of donated 
old systems.  Very interesting.


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> > I have just the book.  It contains lots of pictures of old systems..
> > even the late 60 early 70 stuff like the altair, IMSAI, etc.  Can't
> > recall the name of the book but I do have it in the basement somewhere.
>If you could post the title/author to the list, that would be great,
> > And yes I've been the the Boston Computer Museum many times with the
> > kids when I used to live in NH.
>I'd have to make a special trip (i.e. fly) to see it, but I've often
>considered it.  What did you think of it, Ernie?  I guess you liked it
>if you went many times!
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