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Re: nice pdp-11/70 picture

In article <F32TW5k1Ed28kIN4MmX0000128d@hotmail.com>,
    "Ernesto Perez" <ernie_perez@msn.com>  writes:

> I have just the book.  It contains lots of pictures of old systems..
> even the late 60 early 70 stuff like the altair, IMSAI, etc.  Can't
> recall the name of the book but I do have it in the basement somewhere.

If you could post the title/author to the list, that would be great,

> And yes I've been the the Boston Computer Museum many times with the
> kids when I used to live in NH.

I'd have to make a special trip (i.e. fly) to see it, but I've often
considered it.  What did you think of it, Ernie?  I guess you liked it
if you went many times!
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