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Fwd: George Memorial Gathering

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Avi Freedman (George's boss from NetAxs) was in town last night and we
had dinner and caught up on recent affairs including George's funeral.
I mentioned Project Delta and Commodore, and Avi replied that everyone
who knew George and has remembrances of him to share is welcome at the
gathering in Philadelphia this weekend.

Please forward as you deem appropriate.

Thank you,


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We've arranged with Rosemont College for access to the McShain Performing
Arts Center for the memorial.  It will be held at 6pm on Saturday.

We'll be getting directions and a campus map up on the web page as soon as
possible (later today, early tomorrow).

Please RSVP to bernie@netaxs.com with number of people who you'll be
bringing so that we can make food arrangements.accordingly.

We encourage you to distribute this information as appropriate.


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