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Fwd: George Robbins

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    Date: Mon, 29 Apr 2002 21:35:05 -0400
    From: Ted Lenthe <tlenthe@ieee.org>
Reply-To: Ted Lenthe <tlenthe@ieee.org>
 Subject: George Robbins
      To: n3lym@amsat.org, jim@mcws.net

I found your contact information while searching for George Robbins.  I was
a former colleague of George at Commodore.  I received an email from
another former colleague, that George Robbins was found dead in his office
in Philadelphia this past Friday, April 26, 2002.  At this time, there is
apparently no cause of death established.  As the keepers for an
organization that he was associated with, I wanted to pass this untimely
information along to you.

Ted Lenthe

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