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RE: Obituary - George H. Robbins (authenticated)

This is very sad. I just read few some of George's postings to this list about
the early days of Delta...


Even though I didn't know him, I am thankful that he was involved and helped
Delta become what it was. In a way, we all owe something to the Deltoids who
came before us. 

Tony, if you're willing to act as clearinghouse for dontations in the name of
Delta Alumni, I'd like to give something in George's honor. Paypal okay?


Quoting Alan Flippen <flippen@nytimes.com>:

> At 04:57 PM 4/28/02 -0500, Tony Eros wrote:
> >What a shame...  It's sad to think that I'm even coming anywhere near the
> >age where I'll start to see these sort of postings.
> >
> >Is anyone interested in pooling a set of contributions as a sort of 
> >"Alumni of Project DELTA"?  I'd be willing to contribute or even organize
> it.
> I didn't know George, except for having met him briefly at the Reunion, but
> I think this would be a nice touch.
> Cheers,
> Alan