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Re: Greetings

I'm doing good, but busy.  A recent photo of me mugging it up with an
Emmy can be found at <http://www.xmission.com/~legalize/>.  (We won a
technical Emmy where I work for the Media Pool video server product.)

I'm still working on my book on Microsoft's 3D graphics API, Direct3D.

The group I work for at Philips was sold to Thomson Multimedia (large
consumer electronics company based in France, owns the RCA brand, among
others).  Now everyone at work knows how to spell my name properly :).

I'm in the middle of having some home improvements done: landscaping,
fencing, decking and hot tub!  This spring/summer would be a good time
to host anyone who wants to visit.

Have a merry Christmas and a happy new year, everyone!

	-- Rich
Ask me about my upcoming book on Direct3D from Addison-Wesley!
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