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MicroVAX II -- free to good home...

Hi folks,

Up for grabs is a MicroVAX II in BA123 cabinet, complete with 3 RD5X
disks, TK50, RX50, RQDX3 controller, DEQNA ethernet, and VT220 console
terminal. Also included are various cables, field service MicroVAX diag
tapes, etc. I also have a new, never used oaken replacement top which was
custom made to replace the BA123 plastic top.

I had started fooling around with running NetBSD on this unit, but never
did get past some funky disk problems that may or may not be hardware

Anyway, I don't have the time to get it done and it's been taking up
valuable room in my basement for too long now. All I ask is if you want
it, that you come to Philly and pick it up. Besides that, it's free to a
good home.

Reply to me if you're interested. Thanks...

Bob Mader [1,50]