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RE: Delta backups and/or RSTS distributions

Alan -

I'm pretty sure I have access to an 800 BPI tape drive, so it would be great
to borrow the tapes if possible.  I forwarded your note to Bob Mader to see
if he has them.  If not, would you mind taking a look around your parents'
place the next time you're in the neighborhood?

So, how are you?  What's new at the Times?


-- Tony

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From: Alan Flippen [mailto:flippen@nytimes.com]
Sent: Monday, May 21, 2001 11:14 AM
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Subject: Re: Delta backups and/or RSTS distributions

At 10:07 AM 5/21/01 -0500, Eros, Anthony wrote:
>Does anyone on the list have a backup of any of the DELTA-specific RSTS
>patches made over the years?  I'm also looking for RSTS software or source
>distributions from V7 or earlier.

At the time of the Delta reunion, I had a complete set of RSTS V7 
distribution tapes, as well as several magtaped backups of the stuff I did 
at DELTA, which probably included the RSTS patches that I did. However, Bob 
Mader and I were utterly unable to find an 800-BPI tape drive to read them. 
I think that at sometime during our search, I may have given Bob the tapes, 
but I'm not sure anymore; if he doesn't have them, they're probably still 
at my parents' house in Delaware. If you can find an 800-BPI tape drive 
you're welcome to try to read them. I also probably have hard-copy 
printouts of this stuff somewhere in my parents' attic.