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Re: Project Delta

Hi Paul,

I'm really happy that you found the web page! Fond memories and subsequent
noble accomplishments after Delta have been echoed by many of the Delta
alumni. I don't think it sounds weird that you feel Delta changed your
life; I truly feel the same way myself!

As for the timeline, I'm pretty sure it's right. You may be remembering
the 11/45 which was later upgraded to an 11/50. The 11/70 didn't come
until after the move out of Dupont Hall.

I'm passing along your regards by copying this e-mail to the Deltoids
Mailing List. Feel free to join the list if you want to keep in touch.
It's pretty low traffic these days.

Thanks for checking in!


On Wed, 6 Sep 2000, Paul and Paula Butzi wrote:

> Bob-
> I was firing up a web search engine to see if some of recent web page
> additions had been indexed.
> You can't image my surprise when I stumbled across a page titled
> "Delta Account Listing Circa 1979" which included my name and ppn.
> Talk about a blast from the past.
> I first encountered Project Delta when I was 15 (ca. 1975) and
> attending Brandywine High School.  I was an unhappy, disaffected geek.  
> Then I discovered, via Project Delta, programming computers. It was
> like coming home.  I don't want to sound too weird but it quite
> literally changed the course of my life.  I was still a disaffected
> geek but now I was a relatively happy geek with a mission.
> I went on to get a degree in Computer Science and Statistics, to work
> at Bell Labs and at Microsoft.
> I have a lot of very, very happy memories of poring over RSTS/E
> manuals, of sitting at an ASR-33 teletype connected at 110 baud, and
> of the friends I made because of Project Delta.
> I do wonder about the timeline on your web page, though.  My
> recollection is that Delta was running on an 11/70 in 1975 or so, but
> of course I could easily be mistaken.
> Reading your timeline it appears that Delta met with a somewhat
> ignominious end.  But it certainly touched the life of at least one
> high school student in a very important way.  My life would be a whole
> hell of a lot different (and a hell of a lot less pleasant) today if
> it hadn't been there.
> I don't know if you're in contact with any of the people who were
> responsible for Delta, but if you are, kindly pass on my fondest
> regards.  If they have doubts about whether Delta had any impact I can
> assure them that it had a tremendous positive impact in my life.
> -Paul