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Free Stock

Go to this site and register.  it will give you three shares of stock.
This has been done in the past and have been rewarding from some of the
internet sites.  For each person you refer you get another share.  Costs

NOTHING and you need NOT give credit card or any other information you
do not want to give... This is a ebay type company.


Please mae sure you use 36253 for the refer code as that gives me an
extra share!

Here is the info on it:

uSellnBid Stock Giveaway Official Rules


     The uSellnBid Stock Giveaway ("Giveaway") is open to all persons 18

years of age or older and are legal residents of the U.S.A. or Canada,
     where prohibited by law. One (1) participant per household.
Employees, officers, directors, shareholders, agents, representatives,
and immediate family
     members of Auratec Corporation ("Auratec"), affiliates,
subsidiaries, and advertising and promotion agencies, are not eligible
to participate.

     2. HOW TO ENTER.

     When you Register as a user of uSellnBid.com you earn 3 (three)
shares in the Giveaway. All users who have registered prior to September

     1999 are entered in the Giveaway and awarded 3 (three) shares by
default. Additional shares are earned by referring other people given
that they
     provide the correct Referral Code at the time of their
registration. For every person you refer you earn one (1) share.

     Participants will be informed of the number of shares they earned
by e-mail every four (4) weeks.

     All of your Giveaway shares will be disqualified, at the sole
discretion of Auratec, if you attempt (i) to register more than once;
or, (ii) to disrupt the
     Giveaway or circumvent the terms and conditions of these Official
Rules. And, if either of the above occurs, Auratec reserves the right to

remedy any
     such action, disruption, or circumvention in a manner, determined
solely by Auratec, that is fair and equitable to Giveaway participants.


     A participant is allowed to earn up to one hundred (100) shares
only. Shares are not transferable or assignable. Taxes on shares are
solely your

     Once this Giveaway has ended, all participants will be notified
within three (3) weeks. Participants will be notified either by e-mail
or postal mail.
     Participants will have up to fourteen (14) days from the date of
attempted notification to respond to the notification. Auratec is not
responsible for and
     shall not be liable for late, lost, misdirected, or unsuccessful
efforts. Auratec will work on obtaining the permission of the Securities

and Exchange
     Commission ("SEC") in order to award these shares in an Initial
Public Offering ("IPO").

     Unless prohibited by law, participants will be required to complete

and return an affidavit of eligibility and a publicity/liability release

within fourteen (14)
     days of responding to the notification. If a participants cannot be

contacted, is ineligible, fails to claim shares, or fails to return a
completed and
     executed affidavit and release as required, he/she will be


     By entering, participants agree to be bound by these complete
Official Rules and the decisions of Auratec, which shall be final.
Participants must be
     legal residents of the U.S.A. or Canada. All federal, state, and
local laws apply. Auratec, Giveaway sponsors and the employees,
officers, directors,
     shareholders, agents, and representatives of Auratec, affiliates,
subsidiaries, and advertising, promotion and legal advisors are not
responsible for and
     shall not be liable for: (i) telephone, electronic, hardware, or
software program, network, Internet, or computer malfunctions, failures,

or difficulties; (ii)
     errors in transmission; (iii) any condition caused by events beyond

the control of Auratec that may cause the Giveaway to be disrupted or
     (iv) any printing or typographical errors in any materials
associated with the Giveaway.

     Auratec may prohibit you from participating in the Giveaway, if at
the sole discretion of Auratec, you repeatedly show a disregard for the
     Official Rules, or act (1) in an unsportsmanlike manner; (2) with
an intent to annoy, abuse, threaten, or harass any other participant or
     representative; or (3) in any other disruptive manner.

     Auratec may terminate the Giveaway early at its own discretion;
provided that all shares will still be awarded.


     The Giveaway begins 12:00:00 a.m. Eastern Time on September 21,
1999 and ends 12:00:00 a.m. Eastern Time on September 21, 2000, or until

     300,000 shares are exhausted. Produced by Auratec Corporation, 8182

Olde Richmond Ln, Westerville, OH 43081.


     To obtain a copy of these Official Rules, send your request in a
self-addressed stamped envelope to: uSellnBid Stock Giveaway Official
Rules, 8182
     Olde Richmond Ln, Westerville, OH 43081.


 73 de KD4ZOT, Jim Stallings            email: jim@microconcepts.net
 PO Box 1769
 Midlothian, VA  23113-1769
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