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Re: FW: 1999 Outstanding Alumni Award Recipients - Daniel Grimm


Dan was one of my favorite professors in my undergrad years in EE at UofD.  
I took one (possibly two) courses on operating systems design that he taught 
and we had some pretty challenging projects.  I recall one of them involved 
building a PDP-11 emulator.  I didn't think there was much chance I'd be 
building operating systems myself but the learning experience was great.

Two weeks ago, I sat the 'war room' for Windows 2000 as we signed off on the 
RTM release and thought about what a great opportunity it was to have 
contributed to such a great OS.  I recalled those thoughts again and how I 
surprised even myself.

Sometimes, especially in the teaching profession, one touches lives in 
surprising ways.  Thanks, Dan!

Rich Ersek - BSEE '83

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>Subject: FW: 1999 Outstanding Alumni Award Recipients - Daniel Grimm
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>Congratulations, Dan!
>Happy holidays, everyone, from Bob and Cecelia
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>   Randomly searching the web for "Project Delta" references, I came across 
>recent mention of Delta and Dr. Grimm.
>  http://www.udel.edu/engg/customer/alumni/awards.html#Grim
>Dan Grim is an alum--times 3!--of our Department of Electrical and
>Computer Engineering, having completed his bachelor's degree in 1970, his
>master's in 1972, and his PhD in 1976.
>Immediately following graduation in '76, Dr. Grim became a University of
>Delaware employee, assuming the position of research associate for Project
>Delta within his home department. Six months later, his responsibilities
>swelled, as he became Project Leader for Data Communications. His
>leadership roles increased, and in 1982, he was named Director of
>Technical Support.
>In 1984, the computing facility for the Departments of Electrical 
>and Computer & Information Sciences began to evolve from a time-shared
>facility to a workstation-based networked system, and, from 1984 to 1990,
>Dr. Grim was manager of that facility. In 1989, he also became Acting
>Director of Operations and Technical Services, responsible for central
>computing operations here at the University. Meanwhile, he was chairing the
>Network Planning Task Force for the University, and authored that group's
>final report, which was implemented and formed the basis for the University
>of Delaware receiving the 1994 CAUSE Award for Excellence in Campus
>In October 1990, Dr. Grim was appointed to his present position as
>Executive Director of Delaware's Network & Systems Services.
>We wish to thank you, Dr. Grim, for your many contributions to computing
>life here at the University of Delaware, and to honor you with the 1999
>Outstanding Alumni Award for the Department of Electrical & Computer

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