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RE: PDP-8/e in Wilmington DE on e-Bay went for $1,655.00

Hi Folks,

I'm finally catching up on my e-mail after the holiday. Just searched eBay for
that PDP-8 from Wilmington. Looks like this guy has been selling all sorts of
vintage computer goodies. How about a "classic" ASR-33 teletype for $510. Nice

Let's see, the seller's handle is foobear. Hmm... foobear in Wilmington... So,
Tony, how much was the shipping on that beast?

Wishing a happy Y2K to all...


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btw, there was a PDP-8/e in the Wilmington DE area on e-Bay that went for
$1,655.00 (no i/o devices).  No, I didn't get it. :-(

- Aron