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FW: 1999 Outstanding Alumni Award Recipients - Daniel Grimm

Congratulations, Dan!

Happy holidays, everyone, from Bob and Cecelia

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Subject: 1999 Outstanding Alumni Award Recipients - Daniel Grimm

  Randomly searching the web for "Project Delta" references, I came across a
recent mention of Delta and Dr. Grimm.


Dan Grim is an alum--times 3!--of our Department of Electrical and
Computer Engineering, having completed his bachelor's degree in 1970, his
master's in 1972, and his PhD in 1976.

Immediately following graduation in '76, Dr. Grim became a University of
Delaware employee, assuming the position of research associate for Project
Delta within his home department. Six months later, his responsibilities
swelled, as he became Project Leader for Data Communications. His
leadership roles increased, and in 1982, he was named Director of
Technical Support.

In 1984, the computing facility for the Departments of Electrical Engineering
and Computer & Information Sciences began to evolve from a time-shared
facility to a workstation-based networked system, and, from 1984 to 1990,
Dr. Grim was manager of that facility. In 1989, he also became Acting
Director of Operations and Technical Services, responsible for central
computing operations here at the University. Meanwhile, he was chairing the
Network Planning Task Force for the University, and authored that group's
final report, which was implemented and formed the basis for the University
of Delaware receiving the 1994 CAUSE Award for Excellence in Campus

In October 1990, Dr. Grim was appointed to his present position as
Executive Director of Delaware's Network & Systems Services.

We wish to thank you, Dr. Grim, for your many contributions to computing
life here at the University of Delaware, and to honor you with the 1999
Outstanding Alumni Award for the Department of Electrical & Computer