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Ed Boas located...

Dear Ed,

Well, hello at last! Yes, Cecelia and I both tried to reach you via e-mail and 
telephone at least a few times before the reunion. Oh well, you missed a great 
party, as I'm sure Jim will agree. Glad to be in touch at last!

So, I saw on your survey that you have some backup tapes. Jim and Gary (and 
other folks) worked together to create a timesharing RSTS/E system which 
people can telnet into over the Internet. It was hoped that we might someday 
locate backup tapes and create a Delta museum complete with Delta written 
utilities, high school accounts, and source code from the good old days. But 
alas, readable backups were never found (or the 800 bpi tape drives to read 
the ones we had). If those tapes you have are 1600 bpi and still readable, it 
could still happen!

Have you read the "Accounts of Delta's History" by Teresa, Clark, Gary, and 
Alan? I noticed that in your survey, you stated that you were with Delta until 
1985. All of our historical research peters out around 1982, with no account 
of the actual demise of Delta. So what happened at the end? Who got the 11/70 
and all the tapes? What were the politics of things in the end? I would be 
interested to add your recollections to the existing articles on the web site, 
so how about it?

I don't know if you are aware that not everyone remembers you in the best 
light. There are some funny stories about you. Of course, there are also the 
funny stories about some of us: the "utility wars," the spiders and the flies, 
the special versions of the Eliza program, the occasional destruction of 
University property, not to mention the general disrespect for the security 
measures of every computer on campus! They were fun times, eh? And time heals 
all sorts of wounds, so I for one hope that everyone will welcome you into the 
fold of Deltiod Alumni.

Warmest Regards,

Bob Mader

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We tied SEVERAL times to call you before the reunion!  I called 3 times
and left 3 messages... I know Bob tried a couple of times.  Did you ever
get the messages?

"Dr. Edward E. Boas, Jr." wrote:

> Do I count?
> eeboas@dol.net
> Chesapeake City, MD
> 410-885-boas
> WOW!
> Did you forget/miss me?
> EEb.


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