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[fwd] Vintage Computer Festival

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I didn't see any ads in these newsgroups for VCF 3.0 which is underway
this weekend at the Santa Clara convention center (Santa Clara, CA).
Maybe I missed them.  (My newsreader cancels anything posted to 5 or more

Day 1 is over. It featured excellent talks and many excellent displays
including possibly the first Apple I built (reportedly the first according 
to Woz, definitely among the first 11),  a display of machines featuring east 
German reverse engineered processors, a working PDP-8/F, a Graphic PDP-11
running lunar lander, a working Mark-8 (if you can believe that) and other
amazing things too numerous to list.  

The flea market was buzzing.  I missed buying a Commodore 64-SX for $50 by
30 seconds. :(  (There are others there, but the vendor wants $100)

It's still running tomorrow with talks from 9am on.  If you're in the San 
Francisco bay area, or can get here by tomorrow, I highly recommend it.  If
you can't, there is (hopefully) always next year.  (Pardon, the world posting,
what's in the exhibits and the URL may be of world interest.)

The URL is http://www.vintage.org/vcf

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