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FW: Delta project

Hi folks,

Anybody remember this guy? He's just joined the project that I've been working 
on at CSC. Small world, eh?


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From:	john Knight [SMTP:jkmkrv2_knight@yahoo.com]
Sent:	Friday, September 03, 1999 11:02 AM
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Subject:	Delta project

Hello I just wanted to say hello to Teresa Green from the UDEL.  I'm
Jack Knight who worked on the 11/45/50 DEC computer with Wayne G. many
years ago. I have met Bob Matta here at CSC in MT. Laurel NJ.  He
informed me ofthe site.  Nice to see the project really did work.
I spent many a long night at the site working on the computer.  I was
the guy who rebuilt the RP04 disk drives. Put many upgrades in the
computer and rebuilt the OS many times.  I hope she rembers me and just
say hello and hope things are going well for her.  My best
  Jack Knight  /past DEC hardware/software rep..
Do you remember Bob Llewis?
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