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DEC ads

>Date: Mon, 05 Jul 1999 12:08:23 -0400
>From: "Aron K. Insinga" <AInsingaExciseThis@InfoMation.com>
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>Subject: Re: Music of the -10s (and other systems)
>John Everett wrote: 
>>Back in the early/mid '60s, there was a Teddy Bear prominently featured in 
>>the DEC booth at every trade show. I guess it was to symbolize the "cute
>>fuzzy" nature of DEC as opposed to Big Blue and the seven dwarves. After
>>such show, KO wrote an evaluation of the booth. He was particularly
>of the appearance of the bear, and wanted to make sure that someone took 
>>responsibility for brushing his fur and making sure his bow-tie (which I 
>>seem to recall was plaid) was freshly pressed before each show. Soon 
>>thereafter the bear disappeared into the annals of DEC history.
>> jeverett<AT>wwa<DOT>com (John Everett)    http://www.wwa.com/~jeverett
>There was a series of DEC ads along this line with poetry.  The one I recall
>(I think from an issue of Scientific American) went something like this:
>    An Assistant Professor at State
>    Grew attached to his PDP-8.
>    When he tried to express it
>    He was told to repress it
>    For hugging might NOT an OR gate.
>- Aron

There was also a PDP-11/20 ad that I had hanging up over my desk in
360 DuPont Hall that had a stork and text something like "We'd like to
announce a new member of the family."

- Aron