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Re: a couple of random game references

In article <>,
    Aron Insinga <ainsinga@infomation.com>  writes:

> This weekend I found a reference to one of the games
> from Project DELTA that ended up in one of David Ahl's
> books:  Clark Baker's implementation of LIFE (modified
> by Steve North of _Creative Computing_) was in
> _BASIC Computer Games (Microcomputer Edition)_
> Ed. by David H. Ahl. [...]

I remember buying two books that had BASIC program listings of game
programs.  I think the longest of them was "spacewar", whereas many of
them were short games where the listing was only a page or two long.
(I seem to recall they were all written in Darthmouth BASIC.)  Both
books were by the same author, and David H. Ahl strikes me as the
author now that my memory is refreshed.  If it is the same book, I had
no idea at the time that anyone from DELTA had contributed to the
books!  Cool!  I may still have those books somewhere around my
parents' house if they haven't yet thrown it out. :-)
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