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Re: More Delta Pictures

btw, my (failable) memory says the Project Plato (a/k/a Project Pluto)
machine was a Cyber-173.  (Does anybody remember for sure?)  While it was
still new (maybe before Plato was completely up and running on the machine)
we did sneak in a batch FORTRAN job or two.  (Their idea was that if a user
didn't get more than 1ms. of CPU time per second of real time, you could
run 1,000 users at once.  Ignoring overhead.  Ignoring the fact that there
are a lot of interesting things that would take a little more CPU time than
that.)  One of their programs was a fruit fly genetics experiment that drew
nice picures of the flies with their particular characteristics.  Somebody
rewrote it in BASIC+ using the Tektronix 4010 or 4013 (green vector; 4013
had extensions for APL and I don't know what else) terminal.  The only
really cool thing about Plato was their orange plasma dot-matrix terminals.
 They were pretty strange with something like 6-bit characters going from
the keyboard and something like 12-bit characters coming from the computer
(or did I get that backwards?)

- Aron

At 01:24 PM 4/10/99 -0400, you wrote:
>Hi folks,
>Just added another collection of pictures to the web site. These were
taken by 
>Ernie near the end of Delta's declining years. I added some subtly cynical 
>captions. As always, comments and corrections are welcomed. Enjoy...