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Re: C++ catches up to BASIC-PLUS

Oh yes, and Perl provides a "tie" function which lets you
easily tie accessing a variable to executing a database
lookup, even via a SQL server...

Ralph Gonzalez wrote:
> You can also do this in C/C++ using mmap (memory map), though
> it's probably not very portable.
> It was certainly a nice feature of B+, and was very easy
> to implement.
> Phil McRevis wrote:
> >
> > One nice thing about B+ was that you could use the "dim ... as"
> > feature to easily create fixed-length record databases that appeared
> > to your program as arrays.  It occurred to me just the other day that
> > one could write a C++ template class to create an array that was tied
> > to a file.  Naturally one can do lots more things with C++ templates
> > than this.  The "dim as" feature was downright handy at times and
Ralph Gonzalez