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Re: More Delta Pictures

At 01:10 PM 4/10/99 -0600, Phil McRevis wrote:
>Nice!  Bob one of your captions states that after the move from DuPont
>that anything above 300 baud was a luxury.  But I remember that after
>suffering at 300 baud for some time we finally got two "high speed"
>lines that were advertised as functioning at 1200 baud.  Then, with
>some experimentation I discovered you could run them reliably at 1800
>baud (a 50% improvement! :).  These were connected to the beehive

Rich's memory agrees with mine. I think what Bob meant as " a luxury" was
that there were only two high-speed lines (three if you count the "line
printer") for the 8-10 people who often worked in Willard at the same time ...