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Yes, they also made audio kits. I built their 25 W per channel stereo 
amplifier in 1979 and I still have it today. I believe it still works, 
although it's now being used strictly as a book end. I'm sure the computers 
are pretty rare. Based on a quick check of the WTB to FS ratio of a dejanews 
search for SWTPC, I'd say they are pretty sought after... good luck!


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Do any of you deltoids remember the S-100 bus based machines made by
"Southwest Tehnical Products" (hence the SWT PC, called 'switpick')?
It was the very first computer I ever considered buying for myself
before the Apple and the IBM PC.  I wouldn't mind having one for my
"museum" of computer technology, so if you ever see one laying around
send me some mail!  It was like a mini; you bought a card cage + power
supply, then added CPU card (it was 680x) memory card, floppy
controller card, serial interface card and so-on.  One of the things
that interested me most at the time was that they had a bitmapped
graphics display card for it.

Have any of you ever owned one of these or know about them?
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